Monday, April 14, 2008

Young Buck Says No to "Ten-A-Key Boys, Preps Solo Mixtape

PhotobucketFormer G-Unit soldier Young Buck is currently prepping the release of his new mixtape later this month. Just days after his discharge from G-Unit by 50 Cent, Buck began to strike back with a few projects of his own, including a reported new mixtape by producer J.A. featuring All Star and Yo Gotti titled, "Ten-A-Key Boys: From Cashsville to Memphis."

The Ten-A-Key project will not be happening. Buck's publicist Stephanie Mills explained that Buck will be focusing on Buck in the near future.

"Let it be clear, Young Buck has not joined or formed any new groups including the Ten-A-Key Boys, contrary to what has been mentioned on the web," Mills said. "However, Young Buck's new mixtape is due for release very soon."

J.A. the producer that was reported to have put the mixtape together confirmed Mills' statement.

"There is no 'Ten-A-Key Boys' mixtape," J.A. - who's worked with Dipset's Cam'ron, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana said. "There is no Ten-A-Key Boys group. "Young Buck is working on his solo mixtape tentatively titled, 'Honorable Discharge: Cashville Chronicles,' which I am producing for."

Young Buck is also slated to release a new mixtape with his fellow Cashville artists, Sosa, The Plug, The Outlawz and C-Bo.

Buck's "Honorable Discharge: Cashville Chronicles" is set to drop later this month.